What is business protection?

Business protection helps to protect your business should a director or key employee die or suffer a critical illness.  This type of protection planning is vital in allowing businesses to recover quickly and minimise any impact.

All businesses, large or small, are likely to face the unexpected loss of key staff at some point. You can reduce the risk by planning in advance. Whether you’re a partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), a sole trader or a company, we will take you through what you need to know and advise you on the significance of having business protection in place.

The main types of business protection:

  • Key person protection – to protect against loss of revenue if a key employee dies or suffers a critical illness.
  • Shareholder protection – to help the other shareholders keep control of their business if a shareholder dies or is critically ill.
  • Loan protection – to help repay outstanding financial commitments.

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